With summer seeming like a distant memory it’s harder and harder to maintain our summer skin and for most of us our glow is long gone already! Don’t worry though; we want to give you some tips on maintaining healthy skin through the cooler months that will see you into a gorgeous dress this spring.

Why does our skin get so dry in winter? 
This is a question that gets asked a lot because it’s strange that our skin gets cracked and dry when it’s not exposed to the elements like it is in warmer weather. In summer we generally have a high body temperature which drives us to drink water to cool ourselves down. In winter we tend to steer clear of an ice cold glass of water because often it will make us colder than before! This can be detrimental to our skin because we’re not staying as hydrated as we normally would.

Stay hydrated! 
Drinking water is so important all year round and we should all aim for the recommended two litres of water every day. Winter can be especially difficult though because we’re not as hot and therefore not seeking the cooling effect of water. A good way to counteract this is to *drum roll please* drink hot water! Seems straight forward when you think about it! If you’re a fan of tea you can spice up your hot water with a fruity flavour or simply pop in a slice of lemon to give it a fresh twist!

Switch it to cream! 
Over winter try switching to a rich cream or butter instead of a lotion for your skin. Creams and butters are generally richer and provide an extra barrier to keep the moisture locked in. It’s also important to keep exfoliating once or twice a week in order to remove dead skin cells. Another reason our skin dries out in winter is because of all the heating we’re exposed to. This can dry out our skin more than the sun because it doesn’t have the moisture that fresh air does. All things to think about!

Keep yourself out of hot water… 
…By keeping yourself out of hot water! We’re sad to say that those lovely long hot baths and showers can be doing more harm than good. Winter is the dream season for long nights soaking in a tub by candlelight, reading a book and drinking a cup of tea, but we want you to rein it in. Hot water on your skin can remove important oils and leave it dry and exposed. Try to keep it at a warmer temperature rather than steaming hot and use shaving cream if you’re shaving to protect your delicate pores from nicks with the razor!