What is gua sha?

Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that is used to help stimulate the immune system, and to reduce pain and inflammation. This ancient Chinese technique uses a massage tool to scrape the skin to improve circulation.

Why you Should try Gua Sha

Here are some of the benefits associated with this ancient healing practice:

  1. Stimulates the immune system
    One of the most promising benefits of gua sha is its effect on the immune system. When this treatment is performed, the immune system is activated, allowing the body to speed up its natural healing process. In Asian culture, gua sha is often used when a person is ill and the technique is said to “let sickness escape.”
  2. Reduces pain
    Gua sha therapy is anti-inflammatory, which can help to reduce myalgia and is great for treating chronic pain. Studies have also shown that it has a therapeutic impact on inflammatory conditions, such as active chronic hepatitis.
  3. Needle-free
    Gua sha offers relief similar to acupuncture, but as it is less invasive, it’s more appealing to those not interested in needles. This makes the practice common among all ages, including children.
  4. Gentle routine
    In addition to the wonderful therapeutic benefits gua sha offers, it can also be an effective addition to your beauty routine. A much gentler routine, a gua sha facial treatment can help to tighten skin and decrease puffiness under the eyes.