Cosmetic Injectables are delivered by Dr Padma Bhaskar, MBBS, MRCGP, FRACGP

Padma is a General Practitioner with 15 years of diverse medical practice experience in the UK and Australia, with additional training in anti-ageing injecting techniques and is a Fellow of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. Padma provides compassionate, personalised care and is passionate about delivering innovative and effective techniques to restore and rejuvenate your skin.

Wrinkle reduction

Would you love less wrinkles?

Wrinkles can be caused by repeated use of our facial muscles in making  expressions like frowning or squinting, and as we age, our skin becomes less elastic, causing the lines on our face to become more and more noticeable.

P&Q MediSpa Rejuvenation Clinic now provides you with a way to reduce those wrinkles with a medically approved wrinkle reduction treatment that’s been used safely and effectively around the world for more than a decade.

The treatment is a walk-in, walk-out non-surgical treatment, and you should start to see the effects in a few days.


Has your face lost volume over the years?

Dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers injected into the skin to restore or add volume to your face, giving you a smoother and more youthful appearance. These injectable fillers can correct fine lines, reduce folds and creases, enhance your lips, nose and chin and sculpt the jawline.

Hyaluronic Acid Skinboosters

This treatment helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumping the skin and giving an all over youthful appearance. Targeting deep layers of the skin, it works to smooth and soften, increase elasticity and leave your face or hands glowing.

Other Conditions

Treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), bruxism (excessive teeth grinding) and tension headaches is also available. Please book a free consultation with the clinician for advice and pricing.